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Trucksform 3D


Saving the World has never been so much fun! Help Doctor Brainz build his Magma Stabilizing Machine by gathering precious artifacts from three different continents. You get to drive the TruckSform, an amazing transforming truck that adapts to the terrain. The off-road truck is the fastest and most maneuverable, use it to quickly pass over terrain. When debris and exploding barrels are in the way you should transform to the Gun Truck and blast them to oblivion. The Drill will allow you to pass through concrete walls and the Heli will help you fly over impassible terrain. Drive, blast, drill and fly to complete all 60 levels of Trucksform - download it now!

Trucksform 3D


Race like the bullet in the Gun Rider truck racing game with a hero-mission . In the near future, a deadly plague will decimate 99% of Earth's population. The last surviving people, hidden in caves, are waiting for a miracle. An antidote exists, but no one dares to go out and deliver it. So this is your chance to become the hero! Take the antidote to the last remaining city, the ruins of New York and save the human race. Enjoy the racing& shooting game features as you discover 3 post-apocalyptic worlds, race in 3 different cars, upgrade your weapons and armor and gun-ride in over 30 levels for a complete adventure experience- download and play it now!

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The number one thing that defines each and everyone of us here at EVL PPY is that we are first of all gamers and, only secondly, game developers. We only create games that we enjoy playing and this ideal pushes us to keep the gameplay fun, fresh and addictive. With each new game we create we try to improve our skills as a team and deliver games that you, as a player, will find engaging and innovative. Your feedback, game ratings and social media comments are all building blocks for our work, so thank you for playing our games and sharing your experiences with us.